Avinash Chandra at Galerie Kartina – Catalogue

Series nameChandra in the 1960s

This A5 catalogue was produced for an exhibition of Avinash Chandra paintings at Galerie Kartina, in Amsterdam. The exhibition was held in collaboration with the Molton Gallery in London, and took place between 16 October and 15 November 1961. The includes a picture of Avinash Chandra at work, two introductory quotes by the former Keeper of the Indian Section at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Dr William G Archer, and London art critic G.S Whittet. The catalogue also lists Chandra’ s group exhibitions and includes several quotes from French and English newspapers about his work.

Date of Creation / Publication1961
CreatorGalerie Kartina
Associated Person/ OrganisationChandra, Avinash
Collection and Reference NumberAvinash Chandra Collection (GB 2661 AC)
Catalogue NumberAC/1960/7
CopyrightValerie Murray Chandra
Access to originalsThe originals are located with Valerie Murray Chandra
Series notesThe 1960s saw Avinash Chandra gain recognition as a 'powerful' artist by the artistic community in London, and receive much publicity in the UK media. He travelled and exhibited in art galleries across the UK, Europe and North America, was introduced to Queen Elizabeth, and had a BBC documentary made about his work. In 1965, Avinash Chandra became the first Indian-British artist to have work displayed at the Tate Gallery in London. He moved to New York in 1966 and returned to London in 1969. This grouping features several exhibition catalogues, flyers, photographs and drawings by Avinash Chandra.
Collection notesThe Avinash Chandra Collection is divided by decades and a grouping featuring selected slides. The 1950s to 1980s sections feature exhibition catalogues, photographs of paintings, drawings and murals and promotional material. The selections of 35mm slides depict Chandra's art work over the decades.