Cultural Quarter floorscape – 1/8 Queen Street

Series namePublic Art - Permanent feature with Leicester City Council

Sandblasted Granite Slabs Approx. 120 x 90 cm

Date of Creation / Publication2008
CreatorHunjan, Bhajan
Associated Person/ Organisation
LocationLeicester Cultural Quarter
Collection and Reference NumberBhajan Hunjan Collection (GB 2661 BH)
Catalogue NumberBH/2000/1
CopyrightHunjan, Bhajan
Access to originalsOriginal Plans and drawigs with Bhajan Hunjan
Series notesThroughout her career, artist Bhajan Hunjan has investigated the relation between abstract and representational forms, using a variety of materials and artistic mediums. Although trained as a painter and printmaker, she has also worked in ceramics, metalwork, and stone. Her work incorporates an expressive use of colour, and in union with her use of line, shape, and symbol, reflects particular moods, emotions and sensibilities in non-narrative ways.
Collection notesThe Bhajan Hunjan Collection is divided by decades. The collection features photographs of paintings, drawings and public artworks.