Horizon Gallery

The Horizon Gallery opened in London in January 1987. It was established as the visual arts wing of the Indian Arts Council (IAC) whose headquarters were at Marchmont Street in London. The Gallery’s inaugural exhibition was the work of Prafull Dave, a leading contemporary painter of the Indian diaspora,(Switzerland) who was showing his work for the first time in London. Throughout the Gallery’s five-year lifespan, it held numerous exhibitions showcasing the artistic talent of British south Asian, Indian and European artists. The Gallery also held lectures, readings, book launches and other activities relating to sub continental visual art in the UK.

Horizon’s parent organisation, The Indian Arts Council, evolved from several former organisations, each with individual aims and objectives. The first of these was the ‘Indian Painters Collective UK’ which was formed in 1963 by a group of UK-based Indian painters. This group reformed in 1976 as the ‘Indian Artists Collective UK’ to embrace cross art forms. In 1978,the organisation was renamed ‘Indian Artists United Kingdom (IAUK)’ with the desire to establish an Indian Academy of Visual Arts in the UK.


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