Between Two Cultures – Information pack

Series nameBetween Two Cultures Exhibition

This is the information pack produced for the exhibition entitled ‘Between Two Cultures’, held on the concourse at the Barbican Arts Centre. The pack includes introductory texts written by Amal Ghosh, Prafulla Mohanti, and Peter Dormer, as well as a biography sheet on each of the contributing seventeen artists. The participating artists were Saleem Arif, Chila Kumari Burman, Vasant Chinchwadkar, Prodeepta Das, Avtarjeet Dhanjal, Vinodini Ebdon, Ashvin Gatha, Bhajan Hunjan, Balraj Khanna, Mali, Shashi Mehra, Prafulla Mohanti, Shanti Panchal, Devi Prasad, Suresh Vedak, Ibrahim Wagh and Mohammad Zakir. The back cover of this particular digitised information pack, features the signatures of six of the contributing artists; Ashvin Gatha, Shashi Mehra, Prodeepta Das, Shanti Panchal, Chila Kumari Burman and Devi Prasad.

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Date of Creation / Publication1982
CreatorIndian Artists United Kingdom (IAUK)
Associated Person/ OrganisationTambimuttu, Meary James Thurairajah; Horizon Gallery
Collection and Reference NumberHorizon Gallery Collection (GB 2661 HG)
Catalogue NumberHG/EXH/BTC/1
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or associated person or organisation where applicable
Access to originalsThe originals are located at the Panchayat Archive, University of Westminster and with Amal Ghosh.
Series notesIn 1982, the governments of India and Britain sponsored a 'Festival of India' which took place in and around various venues across London. The festival featured the work of several south Asian arts organisations based in the UK,and included exhibitions, lectures, seminars, dance,and musical performances.

The Festival of India was also to include a major exhibition at the Barbican, displaying the work of Indian artists living in the UK and was to be curated by Indian Artists UK (IAUK) (The parent organisation of not-yet established Horizon Gallery). However, in March 1982, the Barbican reversed its decision to hold the IAUK exhibition in its gallery. Following negotiations by the IAUK, the Barbican agreed to grant a smaller space in the concourse area of the centre to IAUK artists.

The exhibition, curated by future Horizon Gallery Artistic Director, Ibrahim Wagh, featured the work of seventeen south Asian British contemporary artists and was entitled Between Two Cultures. The title was selected in order to draw attention to the immense challenges contemporary south Asian British artists were facing in being recognised as an important part of British culture. 'Between Two Cultures' was jointly co-ordinated by artists Ibrahim Wagh and Suresh Vedak and was sponsored by the then Arts Council of Great Britain, the Greater London Arts Authority and the Greater London Council.
Collection notesThe Horizon Gallery Collection consists of a wide range of digitised material including exhibition invitations, artist information cards, press releases, and exhibition catalogues.