IAUK History and Constitution – Document

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This A4 document was published in August 1980. It provides a history of the organisation “Indian Artists United Kingdom” (IAUK), since its inception 1963. Formerly known as the “Indian Painters Collective UK”, this group of six painters reformed in 1976 to include cross arts practitioners. In 1978, the organisation renamed itself to “Indian Artists United Kingdom” (IAUK). Under this name, the Horizon Gallery was established in 1987 as a visual arts directive under the IAUK. The constitution sets out the IAUK’s aims and objectives, its organisational structure and the constitutional requirements of the board of trustees and various committee members.

Date of Creation / Publication1980
CreatorIndian Artists United Kingdom (IAUK)
Associated Person/ OrganisationTambimuttu, Meary James Thurairajah; Horizon Gallery
Collection and Reference NumberHorizon Gallery Collection (GB 2661 HG)
Catalogue NumberHG/BI/2
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or associated person or organisation where applicable
Access to originalsThe originals are located at the Panchayat Archive, University of Westminster and with Amal Ghosh.
Series notesThis grouping comprises a photograph of the Horizon Gallery premises in London,and the History and Constitution document of the Indian Artists UK (IAUK) organisation. Established in 1987,the Horizon Gallery was initially the visual arts wing of the IAUK.
Collection notesThe Horizon Gallery Collection consists of a wide range of digitised material including exhibition invitations, artist information cards, press releases, and exhibition catalogues.