InFocus Catalogue

Series nameInFocus Exhibitions

The ‘InFocus’ documentary catalogue was published in July 1990. It is an A4 folder comprising twenty-six artist fact sheets, all of which we have digitised. In addition to those who participated in the ‘InFocus’ exhibition, a further ten artist fact sheets are included in the catalogue. The artists were: Said Adrus, Anil Varia, Vijay Soni, Tara Sabharwal, Zil Hoque, Allan De Souza, Naiza Mazhar Malik, Waheed Pall, Madhumita Bhose Thomas and Alnoor Mitha. Each fact sheet details the artist’s education and artistic achievements and includes an image form the artist’s portfolio of artwork. The catalogue comprises a brief description of Horizon Gallery’s artistic, education, touring and equal opportunity policies, an acknowledgements section and a three-page editorial introduction, written by artist and Editor of the catalogue, Amal Ghosh. The editorial raises the issues of funding and racism as well as wider issues pertaining to South Asian British artists practicing their art in a multicultural society.

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Date of Creation / Publication1990
CreatorHorizon Gallery
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Catalogue NumberHG/EXH/INF/4
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or associated person or organisation where applicable
Access to originalsThe originals are located at the Panchayat Archive, University of Westminster and with Amal Ghosh.
Series notesIn 1990, Horizon Gallery organised a series of four exhibitions entitled InFocus. The programme exhibited the art work of sixteen south Asian British artists at the Horizon Gallery's premises from 24 January to 28 March 1990. The artists hailed from diverse south Asian backgrounds with differing political and social views. In line with Horizon's artistic policy, the 'InFocus' programme endeavoured to focus on women artists, and second-generation Asian artists. Shortly after these group exhibitions, funding was withdrawn by the Greater London Authority and the London Borough Grants Scheme, on the basis of weak management and poor performance at the Horizon Gallery, even though the gallery was still mounting exhibitions and generating an increasing public interest. In 1991, Horizon Gallery launched a documentary catalogue, which for the first time, brought together a comprehensive account of the sixteen artists who participated in the exhibitions as well as a further ten,who contributed to the catatalogue. The documentary catalogue recorded the artistic achievements of all twenty-six artists. Complementing this launch, Horizon Gallery remounted the 'InFocus' exhibition, naming it 'InFocus Restated'. In this grouping, we have digitised several informative items relating to the InFocus series of exhibitions.
Collection notesThe Horizon Gallery Collection consists of a wide range of digitised material including exhibition invitations, artist information cards, press releases, and exhibition catalogues.