Niranajn Arumugam Deva Rajah/Javaid Alvi – Information Card

Series nameExhibition Cards

The Horizon Gallery exhibited the work of artists Niranajn Arumugam Deva Rajah and Javaid Alvi at a two-man exhibition from 7 to 30 November 1990. This artist information card includes a brief CV and a short statement written by the artists. The back and front cover depict an image of a wax and watercolour by Rajah and an image of oil on canvas piece of work by Alvi.

Date of Creation / Publication1990
CreatorHorizon Gallery
Associated Person/ OrganisationTambimuttu, Meary James Thurairajah
Collection and Reference NumberHorizon Gallery Collection (GB 2661 HG)
Catalogue NumberHG/EXH/CA/14
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or associated person or organisation where applicable
Access to originalsThe originals are located at the Panchayat Archive, University of Westminster and with Amal Ghosh.
Series notesThis file features a collection of artist information cards and invitations produced for individual or group exhibitions held at the Horizon Gallery between 1987 and 1991. We have also included artist information cards for the exhibitions, which toured to the Nottingham Playhouse, which demonstrate Horizon Gallery's touring exhibitions policy.
Collection notesThe Horizon Gallery Collection consists of a wide range of digitised material including exhibition invitations, artist information cards, press releases, and exhibition catalogues.