Independent Practices Symposium – Information Paper

Series nameEducation

Juginder Lamba delivered a paper entitled “Creativity, Culture, and Education in the Postcolonial World” at an ‘Independent Practices’ symposium. The symposium was based on some of the issues raised by the ‘Independent Practices’ art commissions in 1998. This A4 information sheet details the agenda for the symposium and lists the contributing artists on the panel, who include Mohini Chandra, Perminder Kaur, Pervaiz Khan, and Balraj Khanna. The symposium was held at Muirhead Tower on the University of Birmingham campus.

Date of Creation / Publication1998
CreatorLamba, Juginder
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Series notesSince 1975, Juginder Lamba has been committed to developing educational opportunities for all segments of the community through his art. Whether at local community or national level, sculpting projects involving schoolchildren or adults provide an informal educational opportunity. The community interaction also informs Lamba
Collection notesJuginder Lamba was born in Nairobi in January 1948.