Untitled Series – Image 3

Series nameUntitled Series

The following image is an unfinished work by Samena Rana. Rana intended to superimpose a transparency of her grandmother over an Urdu poem she composed. We have photographed the transparency over the Urdu text to demonstrate what the final image might have looked like. Rana passed away during the completion of this series.

Date of Creation / PublicationUnknown
CreatorRana, Samena
Associated Person/ Organisation
Collection and Reference NumberSamena Rana (GB 2661 SR)
Catalogue NumberSR/GS/3
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or associated person or organisation where applicable
Access to originalsThe originals are located at the Panchayat Archive, University of Westminster.
Series notesThe photographs in this series belong to an unfinished work which involved superimposing an image of Samena Rana's grandmother over an Urdu poem Rana composed. In the poem, she reminisces about Pakistan and her longing to return to her homeland. Rana passed away while she was working on the series. In addition to the transparency of Samena Rana's grandmother and the Urdu poem, the series also contains other materials such as an English paraphrase of Rana's Urdu poem.

Collection notesThe Samena Rana collection includes material from her main bodies of photographic work: the 'Flow of Water Series', the 'Arrangement Series', the 'Disability Series' and other biographical material. The digitised items include mainly colour and black and white photographs.
Dorney, Camille, 'Tribute to Samena Rana' in Third Text. No 20. Autumn 1992 (pp114)