Coming of Age – Programme

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This programme was published for Akademi’s production ‘Coming of Age’, an outdoor performance staged by three generations of dancers on the terraces and walkways between the River Thames and the Royal Festival Hall. These were transformed into floodlit performance spaces. The event was held on 11-12 August 2000, to mark the occasion of 21 years of Akademi: South Asian Dance in the UK. Over seventy professional artistes performed classical Indian dances, contemporary fusion style dance and folk dancing. Akademi’s administrator at the time, Martin Bowes, described the production as, “a natural culmination of Akademi’s dance development work, and an opportunity to celebrate the richness and diversity of London’s myriad of cultures”. (Akademi Newsletter 2000 No 1) ‘Coming of Age’ was directed and designed by Keith Khan, Pushkala Gopal was the assistant artistic director, lighting and projection was handled by Simon Corder and the music directed by Shrikanth Sriram. The producer was Penny Andrews and the executive producer was Mira Kaushik.

Date of Creation / Publication2000
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Series notesAkademi: South Asian Dance, previously known as The Academy of Indian Dance, adopted its new name in the early 1990s, a turning point for the development of the organisation and the refocusing of its aims.
Collection notesThe digitised material from the Akademi: South Asian Dance Collection consists of documents and images from the establishment of the company, when it was called the Academy of Indian Dance up to the present time. Also included are flyers, photographs and education material pertaining to various productions, workhshops and seminars.