Tara Rajkumar in Ramayana – Slide 5/ Photograph

Series nameBeginnings

This image portrays Tara Rajkumar during her 1981solo performance of the ‘Ramayana’, the Hindu mythological tale. She is featured depicting the protagonist Sita, lying on the ground, leaning on her arm. Hand gestures or ‘mudhra’, are an integral part of the classical Indian dance performance. Rajkumar used large images such as this one as a backdrop in her performances.

Date of Creation / Publication1981
Associated Person/ OrganisationRajkumar, Tara
Collection and Reference NumberAkademi Collection (GB 2661 AK)
Catalogue NumberAK/BEG/6
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Series notesAkademi: South Asian Dance was known as The Academy of Indian Dance for over 10 years since its establishment in 1979. This grouping, Beginnings, focuses on the first ten years of the organisation (1979-1989) and traces its pioneering work in increasing accessibility to Indian dance and creating a space for Indian dance in contemporary British culture.
Collection notesThe digitised material from the Akademi: South Asian Dance Collection consists of documents and images from the establishment of the company,when it was called the Academy of Indian Dance up to the present time. Also included are flyers,photographs and education material pertaining to various productions,workhshops and seminars.