Traditions on the Move – Report – Document

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This report was compiled following an Open Forum organised by the Academy of Indian Dance on 9 June 1993. Operating in the same vein as previous seminars held in the early 1980s, the forum aimed to provide a platform to current opinions for those involved in South Asian dance in Britain. The report contains summaries of the speeches and biographies of the speakers.The forum was held in conjunction with Westminster City Council and the London Arts Board at the Nehru Centre in London. Over 60 participants attended the meeting including South Asian dancers, arts workers, promoters, funders, journalists and musicians. The forum opened with an introduction by Academy’s Director, Mira Kaushik, and continued with talks by dancers and choreographers Shobana Jeyasingh, Bavaani Nanthaabalan and Subodh Rathod. The event was chaired by Russell Gilderson, Editor of London Independent Arts Digest and concluded by Tina Cockett, Education Officer at the Academy of Indian Dance.

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Series notesAkademi: South Asian Dance, previously known as The Academy of Indian Dance, adopted its new name in the early 1990s, a turning point for the development of the organisation and the refocusing of its aims.
Collection notesThe digitised material from the Akademi: South Asian Dance Collection consists of documents and images from the establishment of the company, when it was called the Academy of Indian Dance up to the present time. Also included are flyers, photographs and education material pertaining to various productions, workhshops and seminars.