Asha Day Centre – Photograph 2

Series nameEducation Work

In 2001, Priya Pawar conducted a series of ten workshops at the Asha Day Centre, which provides a day care service for elderly Asians and people with disabilites. The results of the workshops were presented in a cultural evening which featured performances from some of the participants who sang songs. Pawar’s dance group also performed a folk dance as seen in this photograph.

Date of Creation / Publication2001
Associated Person/ OrganisationPawar, Priya; Asha Day Centre
Collection and Reference NumberPushpalata Dance Company (GB 2661 PD)
Catalogue NumberPD/EDW/5
Access to originalsThe originals belong to Priya Pawar.
Series notesPriya Pawar is an established Kathak and Odissi dancer and teacher, and holds regular classes in West London. In addition to teaching in England, Pawar opened the Pushpalata Academy of Dance and Music in Faridabad, India. Teachers trained in Kathak, Hindustani music vocals and tabla offer classes for students who are interested in pursuing both music and dance. In 1998 Pawar also opened the dance school Pushpalata Asociacion para la Difusion del Arte de India in Madrid, Spain, where she travels each summer to host workshops. In addition to schools in India and Spain, Priya has been offering workshops and performances regularly in Norway since 1983Pawar has also worked closely with community groups and conducts workshops and lecture demonstrations for institutions such as Aberystwyth University in Wales and the Asha Day Care Centre in London. The digitised items include photographs taken during her workshops and classes.
Collection notesThe digitised materials from the Pushpalata Dance Company consist of documentation such as flyers and photographs of Priya Pawar’s performances such as ‘Chitrangada’, ‘Chandalika, The Outcaste’, Kathak-Odissi performances and various others. In addition, photographs and leaflets relating to her previous dance company, Triveni, her community, outreach and education work and biographical information are also included.
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