Prem-Bandhan (Love That Binds) – Photograph 2

Series nameTriveni Dance Company

This photograph is a promotional shot of Priya Pawar and her Odissi dance troupe taken for the show ‘Prem- Bandhan’ at the Royal Festival Hall. Pawar also performed in ‘Prem-Bandhan’with the company Triveni in 1992. In this photograph, Pawar is standing in the posture of the God Vishnu, who is often depicted as holding a conch shell. The dancers from left to right are: Isha Prasad, Bina Patel and Lynette Hague. They are kneeling and praying to Vishnu in a traditional ‘namaste’gesture.

Date of Creation / Publication1980s
CreatorVerma, Vinod
Associated Person/ OrganisationPawar, Priya; Patel, Bina
Collection and Reference NumberPushpalata Dance Company (GB 2661 PD)
Catalogue NumberPD/TR/5
Access to originalsThe originals belong to Priya Pawar.
Series notesPriya Pawar was co-founder of the dance company Triveni, with former husband and Kathak dancer, Pratap Pawar. Triveni was set up in 1980 and Priya Pawar toured and performed widely with the company in Asia, Europe, the UK and the USA until 1993. Triveni’s artistic repertoire ranged from traditional performances which highlighted both Kathak and Odissi to more elaborate projects which combined Indian classical dance and non-western dance forms, such as Kathak-Flamenco and Afro-Caribbean dance. Some of Triveni’s performances include, Where East Meets West for the Center for Arts and Culture of East and West in New Jersey in1993, Kathak Meets Flamenco featuring Pratap and Priya Pawar, Juani Garcia and Asavari Pawar at the Symphony Space in New York City in 1993 and Waves of Rhythm, a programme which combined the dance style Kathak with percussion from the Caribbean, Turkey and India. The digitised materials include photographs, flyers and programmes.
Collection notesThe digitised materials from the Pushpalata Dance Company consist of documentation such as flyers and photographs of Priya Pawar’s performances such as ‘Chitrangada’, ‘Chandalika, The Outcaste’, Kathak-Odissi performances and various others. In addition, photographs and leaflets relating to her previous dance company, Triveni, her community, outreach and education work and biographical information are also included.