Priya Pawar – Flyer

Series nameKathak & Odissi

This is a flyer containing a brief biography of Priya Pawar and a summary of her work as an Indian classical dancer.

Date of Creation / Publication1992
CreatorPawar, Priya
Associated Person/ Organisation
Collection and Reference NumberPushpalata Dance Company (GB 2661 PD)
Catalogue NumberPD/KO/2
Access to originalsThe originals belong to Priya Pawar.
Series notesPriya Pawar first specialised in the Indian classical dance Kathak which originated in Northern India. Although it began as a form of storytelling in the temples of Northern India, it later flourished in the courts of the Mughal kings and is known for its intricate footwork and spectacular pirouettes (chakkar) and footwork (tatkar). There are two distinct schools of Kathak, the Lucknow Gharana and the Jaipur Gharana, and Priya Pawar specialises in the former. The Lucknow school flourished in the courts of the Mughal kings while the Jaipur style retained its Hindu influence in storytelling. Odissi, on the other hand, is one of the oldest classical dance forms in India and began in the temples as a form of devotional dance. Despite its ancient origins, Odissi went into decline in the 17th century and later faced censorship from British authorities. Odissi was revived through the efforts of a group of concerned teachers and practitioners and was reconstructed based on the study of sculptural reliefs found at the Konarak temple in Orissa. Pawar has choreographed and directed numerous Kathak and Odissi performances with the dance company Triveni, her own company, Pushpalata,and as a solo artist. The digitised items consist of flyers and photographs.
Collection notesThe digitised materials from the Pushpalata Dance Company consist of documentation such as flyers and photographs of Priya Pawar’s performances such as ‘Chitrangada’, ‘Chandalika, The Outcaste’, Kathak-Odissi performances and various others. In addition, photographs and leaflets relating to her previous dance company, Triveni, her community, outreach and education work and biographical information are also included.