Re Encuentros – Photograph 2

Series nameKathak & Flamenco

This photograph features an improvisational musical exhange between Flamenco dancer Joaquin Ruiz and Kathak dancer Priya Pawar in Spain, on 31 August, 2002. In this image, Pawar demonstrates the simliarities in hand movements between Kathak and Flamenco.

Date of Creation / Publication8/31/2002
Associated Person/ OrganisationPawar, Priya; Ruiz, Joaquin
Collection and Reference NumberPushpalata Dance Company (GB 2661 PD)
Catalogue NumberPD/KF/5
Access to originalsThe originals belong to Priya Pawar.
Series notesPriya Pawar originally began exploring the relationships between Indian classical dance Kathak and Flamenco with the dance company Triveni. She began her solo career in the 1990s and started performing with Flamenco artists such as Rosindra Dolingcomma Juani Garcia and Joaquin Ruiz. Research suggests that Flamenco is related to the North Indian dance Kathak. It is believed that the gypsies who migrated to the Andalucian region of Spain during the 14th century originally came from India and absorbed various cultural influences along the way. The gypsies adapted their own dance forms with those prevalent in the region and absorbed influences from Arabic, Jewish and Moorish groups. The synthesis of these styles came to be known as Flamenco. Although both styles have since evolved independently, in certain categories of Flamenco, the arm, hand and foot movements are similar to those in Kathak. The digitised items consist of photographs and flyers from various performances.
Collection notesThe digitised materials from the Pushpalata Dance Company consist of documentation such as flyers and photographs of Priya Pawar’s performances such as ‘Chitrangada’, ‘Chandalika, The Outcaste’, Kathak-Odissi performances and various others. In addition, photographs and leaflets relating to her previous dance company, Triveni, her community, outreach and education work and biographical information are also included.