Front cover of Arabesque – Magazine

Series nameRam Gopal: 1980s

A four page front and back cover featuring photograph of Ram Gopal on the front of Arabesque. A magazine of international dance, vol. X11, July-August 1986. Price 3$

Date of Creation / Publication1986
CreatorShri E Krishna Iyer
Associated Person/ OrganisationGopal, Ram
LocationMadras, India
Collection and Reference NumberRam Gopal Collection (GB 2661 RGL)
Catalogue NumberRGL/IMG/1986/1
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or associated person or organisation where applicable
Access to originalsThis is part of a collection donated by Pam Cullen in May 2016 as part of the Garuda project. The original materials can be accessed in the Special Collections at Brunel University Library.
Series notesThis is part of a collection of programmes and colour photographs donated by Pam Cullen in May 2016 as part of the Garuda project.
Collection notesThe digitised material in the Ram Gopal Collection dates back to 1938 and includes black and white as well as colour photographs, several flyers and extracts from books including Ram Gopal's autobiography. The items also include newspaper articles, images of dance costumes, slides, advertisements and performance programmes.