Indian Dancing – Book

Series nameRam Gopal: 1950s

Indian Dancing’, is written by Ram Gopal and Serozh Dadachanji, a renowned film and art critic in India. The book was published in 1951 by Phoenix House Publishing in London. It was intended to be a popular guide to developing an understanding and appreciation of Indian dancing for the western reader. ‘Indian Dancing’ features 94 monochrome photographs of Ram Gopal depicting dance postures and hand gestures across the range of Indian dance forms. The book includes chapters on the origin and history of Indian dancing, its revival, and a chapter dedicated to each dance form; Bharata Natyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Manipuri, and the language of gestures (‘mudras’).

Date of Creation / Publication1951
CreatorGopal, Ram
Associated Person/ Organisation
Collection and Reference NumberRam Gopal Collection (GB 2661 RGL)
Catalogue NumberRGL/DEC/1950/8
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Access to originalsThe originals are located with Ann David, academic researcher and friend of Ram Gopal, and with Pam Cullen, Executor of the Ram Gopal Estate.
Series notesThis section features digitised extracts from books, including selected chapters from Ram Gopal's autobiography, as well as photographs and performance programmes.
Collection notesThe digitised material in the Ram Gopal Collection dates back to 1938 and includes black and white as well as colour photographs, several flyers and extracts from books including Ram Gopal's autobiography. The items also include newspaper articles, images of dance costumes, slides, advertisements and performance programmes.