Ram Gopal in his Classical, Folk and Creative Dances – Book

Series nameRam Gopal: 1960 - 1969

This A4, twenty-page colour programme is entitled ‘Ram Gopal in his Classical, Folk and Creative Dances’. It features two colour portraits and several sketches and photographs of Ram Gopal, by renowned artists Felix Topolski and John Hughes Hallet. Other photographers include: Kormylo in Boulouris, France, John Hughes Hallet, London, Felix Topolski, London, Houston-Rogers in London, Vivienne, London, Angus McBean, London, Roy Round, London, Studio-Iris, Paris, Government of India Tourist Office in London and Joy and Leslie Jones, London. The programme also features articles written by Ram Gopal. These include ‘Oriental Dance – its perennial appeal to western interpreters’, ‘The Dance in India’, and ‘The Art of Ram Gopal’ in which Cyril Beaumont traces the life and development of Ram Gopal’s dance performances.This programme was designed Robert Emuss, and was published from the offices of Draycott Film Productions in London in 1965. Read excerpts from the book here.

Date of Creation / Publication1965
Associated Person/ OrganisationGopal, Ram
Collection and Reference NumberRam Gopal Collection (GB 2661 RGL)
Catalogue NumberRGL/DEC/1960/8
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or associated person or organisation where applicable
Access to originalsThe originals are located with Ann David, academic researcher and friend of Ram Gopal, and with Pam Cullen, Executor of the Ram Gopal Estate.
Series notesThis grouping showcases several advertisements for Ram Gopal's school of dancing. Photographs and flyers from the 1960s are also featured.
Collection notesThe digitised material in the Ram Gopal Collection dates back to 1938 and includes black and white as well as colour photographs, several flyers and extracts from books including Ram Gopal's autobiography. The items also include newspaper articles, images of dance costumes, slides, advertisements and performance programmes.