Bollywood to Birmingham – Photograph of filming

Series nameTheatre

This is an image taken during Sampad’s interactive arts programme, ‘Bollywood to Birmingham’. The eight month project brought together pupils from King Edward VI girls and boys schools in Birmingham, to create a feature length Bollywood style film. The students worked with a professional scriptwriter and technical crew, while participating in music, drama and dance sessions with expert artists. The film premiered in glamorous Bollywood style in February 2003, at a local cinema in Birmingham. This image features two students, Viral Chavda and Quyen-Bao Hoang, filming the production.

Date of Creation / Publication2002 - 2003
CreatorCrummay, Trish
Associated Person/ OrganisationRay, Piali; Sampad
Collection and Reference NumberSampad Collection (GB 2661 SA)
Catalogue NumberSA/THE/18
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Series notesTheatre is a relatively new area of activity for Sampad, although drama sessions have always played a key role within educational projects and programming. Sampad is currently adopting a new theatre strategy to encourage young British Asians to become more involved in theatre as participants, audiences, practitioners, administrators and producers. To date, Sampad has been commissioned a number of theatre productions, and has also held a conference on South Asian Identity in 1997, which included drama presentations.
Collection notesSampad was founded in 1990, under the directorship of Piali Ray OBE. The arts organisation was established to strengthen the infrastructure of South Asian arts in the West Midlands and Birmingham region. Due to Director Piali Ray's background as a dancer, this south Asian arts development agency has retained its strengths in dance, however its current remit is much wider, covering cross art forms of music, theatre, crafts and literature within education and community environments.