Yuv – Vani – Book

Series nameLiterature

A collaboration between Sampad and Gitanjali Multilingual Literary Circle, ‘Yuv – Vani’, which means “young voices”, is a collection of poems by young South Asian writers from the West Midlands region. The collection began as an evening of poetry readings and later, additional contributions formed this booklet. The writers are all aged between ten and twenty-one years old. The first seven pages of this booklet have been digitised.

Date of Creation / Publication1998
Associated Person/ OrganisationRay, Piali
LocationWest Midlands
Collection and Reference NumberSampad Collection (GB 2661 SA)
Catalogue NumberSA/LIT/1
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or the associated
Access to originalsThe originals belong to Sampad
Series notesSampad's literature activities fall into three areas of work; storytelling, writing and reading. Sampad endeavours to provide development programmes for south Asian writers and storytellers in the Midlands. Sampad has held several book launches, scriptwriting workshops, literature conferences and has participated in national library and book tours.
Collection notesSampad was founded in 1990, under the directorship of Piali Ray OBE. The arts organisation was established to strengthen the infrastructure of South Asian arts in the West Midlands and Birmingham region. Due to Director Piali Ray's background as a dancer, this south Asian arts development agency has retained its strengths in dance, however its current remit is much wider, covering cross art forms of music, theatre, crafts and literature within education and community environments.