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Aamer Hussein wrote this two-page autobiographical commentary in circa 1993. He describes his childhood influences and the social environments of his youth in Karachi and London. Hussein also speaks about recognising his identity as an adult, his own cultural hybridity juxtaposed with a frequent stranger-like feeling, which so often influences his writing.

Date of Creation / Publicationcirca. 1993
CreatorHussein, Aamer
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Collection and Reference NumberAamer Hussein Collection (GB 2661 AAH)
Catalogue NumberAAH/BIO/2
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Access to originalsThe originals are located with Aamer Hussein. The novels are published and are available from bookshops.
Series notesThis section consists of a photograph of Aamer Hussein at a book reading in 1999comma an autobiographical piece written in 1993 and a short document written by Amit Chaudhuri - the renowned Indian born, English educated fiction writer - in 1998. This paper analyses the feelings and subject matter in Aamer Hussein’s work.
Collection notesAamer Hussein was born and brought up in Karachi, Pakistan in 1955. His father, Ahmed Hussein settled in Karachi, his family home, after completing his studies at Oxford and Aligarh in the early 1940s. He married Sabiha Malik, Aamer Hussein’s mother, in 1948.