The Colour of a Loved Person’s Eyes in Artrage

Series nameShort Stories

This is one of two tailored versions of Aamer Hussein’s ‘The Colour of a Loved Person’s Eyes’. This version of the story includes altered details to particular situations of the characters. This version was published in the influential literary journal, ‘Critical Quarterly’, in 1990. The journal was launched in 1958 to promote contemporary poetry and stories, reviews and discussion articles until its closure in 1990. ‘Critical Quarterly’ helped to establish poets such as Sylvia Plath, Philip Larkin, Ted Hughes and A.S. Byatt. In the story, the narrator learns the key to the relationship between his idealistic dashing aristocratic father and his proud literary and widowed mother in pre-partition India, by interpreting an Indian miniature painting by her.

Date of Creation / Publication1990
CreatorHussein, Aamer
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Collection and Reference NumberAamer Hussein Collection (GB 2661 AAH)
Catalogue NumberAAH/SS/CQ
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Access to originalsThe originals are located with Aamer Hussein. The novels are published and are available from bookshops.
Series notesThis grouping contains a selection of eight short stories. Each story has been individually selected to represent the focal themes in Aamer Hussein’s work.
Collection notesAamer Hussein was born and brought up in Karachi, Pakistan in 1955. His father, Ahmed Hussein settled in Karachi, his family home, after completing his studies at Oxford and Aligarh in the early 1940s. He married Sabiha Malik, Aamer Hussein’s mother, in 1948.