Attia Hosain as a newlywed – Photograph 2

Series namePhotographs

This is a photograph of Attia Hosain and her husband, Ali Bahadur Habibullah as newlyweds in 1933. She is seated with her head resting just below her husband’s chest and wears her wedding saree, while Ali Habibullah stands with his arm around her shoulder, wearing the traditional ‘sharwani’ and cap. Ali Bahadur Habibullah was Attia Hosain’s cousin and the eldest son of Shaikh Mohammed Habibullah OBE, who was Vice Chancellor of Lucknow University.

Date of Creation / Publication1933
Associated Person/ OrganisationHosain, Attia
Collection and Reference NumberAttia Hosain Collection (GB 2661 AH)
Catalogue NumberAH/PHO/2
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or associated person or organisation where applicable
Access to originalsThe originals are located with the Literary Estate of Attia Hosain.
Series notesThis group consists of a series of mainly black and white photographs of Attia Hosain with her family and friends taken throughout her life. Among some of the photographs are pictures of Attia Hosain as a child, her home in Lucknow, India, as a graduate with friends, with writer Mulk Raj Anand and a picture of Hosain as a newlywed with her husband, Ali Bahadur Habibullah.
Collection notesThe material from the Attia Hosain collection consists of items relating to her publications, such as extracts from her novel and her collection of short stories, biographical information such as photographs, and miscellaneous items such as transcripts from BBC broadcasts she made and letters.