Stringhoppers – in Food The Vital Stuff – Book

Series nameStringhoppers

‘Stringhoppers’ was written by Romesh Gunesekera and published in 1995. It appeared in ‘Food, The Vital Stuff’, a paperback collection of short stories about food by Granta Books. The story has been digitsed in full from this publication.

Date of Creation / Publication1995
CreatorGranta Books
Associated Person/ OrganisationGunesekera, Romesh
Collection and Reference NumberRomesh Gunesekera Collection (GB 2661 RG)
Catalogue NumberRG/SN/SH/4
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or the associated
Access to originalsThe originals are located with Romesh Gunesekera
Series notesStringhoppers was a short story written by Romesh Gunesekera. It was published in 'Food - The Vital Stuff' by Granta Books in the winter of 1995. The digitsed items in this file feature a manuscript, a drawing and a photograph of stringhoppers. In Gunesekera's story, he describes stringhoppers as "a saucer sized pancake of vermicelli squeezed out of a perforated mould".

Collection notesThe Romesh Gunesekera Collection contains digital extracts of his short stories and novels, as well as several poems. The material also includes photographs, handwritten detailed research notes, and annotated manuscripts.