Classical Indian Sitar & Surbahar Ragas – CD Sleeve

Series nameClassical

This CD album sleeve, entitled ‘Classical Indian Sitar and Surbahar Ragas’ was produced in 1999 by ARC Music. The CD opens with a meditative ‘alaap’ (a dialogue between the musician and the ‘raag’) of surbahar (a stringed instrument in the Sitar family) alone, and the tracks grow into invigorating and uplifting pieces, some based on the folk music of the Himalayan and Rajasthani mountain communities. The musicians featured on Baluji’s album include Sarvar Sabri, Ismail Sheikh and Linda Shanovitch on tabla. The album was recorded at Blue Moon Studios and David Ash Studios in London. The images of the album sleeve include brief biographies of the musicians, and explanations about the musical instruments and used on the album.

Date of Creation / Publication1999
CreatorARC Music
Associated Person/ OrganisationShrivastav, Baluji
Collection and Reference NumberBaluji Shrivastav Collection (GB 2661 BS)
Catalogue NumberBS/CL/15
Access to originalsThe originals are located with Baluji Shrivastav
Series notesA self-taught and trained classical musician, Baluji Shrivastav plays the sitar, dilruba, surbahar, harmonium and tabla, to name but a few. He has led the musical accompaniment to many of the world's leading Indian classical dancers both in Europe and in the subcontinent and continues to perform solo and ensemble concerts.

The digitised items in this section include CD and cassette sleeves, and a selection of concert flyers and posters of Baluji's classical music concerts held around the world.
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