Portraits of the Dark – Press review

Series nameNew Music

This is a press review of Baluji Shrivastav’s performance, ‘Portraits of the Dark’ at Centrespace, the Central Library in Hounslow. The piece was written by Mark Trewin for Bazaar Magazine. The author analyses each of the different segments of the production, which aimed to portray the dramatic episodes of Baluji’s life and to convey to a sighted person what it feels like being a blind musician. Baluji was accompanied by six other musicians including Sarwar Sabri on tabla, Tristram Llewellyn on the synthesiser, Linda Shanson on western vocals, Sanyogita Kumari on Indian vocal, Jagdish Mistry on the violin and Clive Bell on the Indian flute.

Date of Creation / Publication1991
CreatorTrewin, Mark
Associated Person/ OrganisationShrivastav, Baluji
Collection and Reference NumberBaluji Shrivastav Collection (GB 2661 BS)
Catalogue NumberBS/NM/3
Access to originalsThe originals are located with Baluji Shrivastav
Series notesThis grouping contains digitised items such as flyers, handwritten notes and a press review relating to a selection of Baluji's new music projects. These have included concerts, programmes and theatre productions.
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