Rail Gaddi, by Chirag Pehchan – Cassette Sleeve

Series nameKuljit Bhamra Recordings

In 1987, UK based bhangra group ‘Chirag Pehchan’ released their album ‘Rail Gaddi’ on Multitone Records. The music for all ten tracks on the album was composed and arranged by Kuljit Bhamra. The single ‘Rail Gaddi’, became the biggest selling bhangra track and is still the most popular and requested bhangra song today. The album sleeve features two images of the Chirag Pehchan group and a track listing.

Date of Creation / Publication1987
CreatorChirag Pehchan Group
Associated Person/ OrganisationBhamra, Kuljit
Collection and Reference Number Kuljit Bhamra Collection (GB 2661 KB)
Catalogue NumberKB/KEDA/KB/5
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or associated person or organisation where applicable
Access to originalsThe originals are located with Kuljit Bhamra.
Series notesThe digital items in this grouping reflect the diversity of music recordings produced by Kuljit Bhamra as a producer and music arranger in his own right. The material includes cassette and LP sleeves of groups he as written lyrics and produced for, as well as Bhamra's own compilations since 1978.
Collection notesThe digitised material in the Kuljit Bhamra Collection includes material related to Kuljit Bhamra as a solo artist as well as to his record company, Keda Records. The items include posters, flyers, documents, cassette and CD sleeves, photographs, performance programmes and musical scores.