Qareeb – Flyer

Series nameRecordings: Qareeb

This is a concert flyer for Najma Akhtar’s performance at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London which featured songs from ‘Qareeb’ (Close).The album was released in 1987 on the Triple Earth Music label.

Date of Creation / Publication1987
CreatorBloomsbury Theatre
Associated Person/ OrganisationShanachie Records
Collection and Reference NumberNajma Akhtar (GB 2661 NA)
Catalogue NumberNA/REC/QA/2
Access to originalsThe originals are located with Najma Akhtar
Series notesNajma Akhtar's second album, Qareeb (Close) was released in 1987 on the Triple Earth label. The album explored ghazals with subtle jazz instrumentation in addition to the traditonal line up of Indian classical instruments such as tabla and sarangi to create a unique brand of popular music. Akhtar became interested in ghazals while studying Urdu in school and favoured poets such as Daag Dehlvi, Ahmed Faraz and Qateel Shafai. Akhtar wrote the music for all the songs on Qareeb which are based on Urdu poems.
Collection notesThe Najma Akhtar collection consists of material relating to her performances such as flyers, concert programmes, photographs and paraphernalia such as CD, tape and record sleeves, press releases and other promotional items.