Amulet – Press release – Document

Series nameNatacha Atlas

The single ‘Amulet’ by Natacha Atlas was released on Nation Records in April 1997. As stated in the press release, ‘Amulet’ is influenced by the traditional Algerian ‘Rai’ musical style. The track features the vocals of French duo “Sawt El Atlas” and is remixed by Omid Nourizadeh from16B Productions in the UK and Nation Records’ own fusionist, TJ Rehmi.

Date of Creation / Publication1997
CreatorNation Records
Associated Person/ OrganisationSawt El Atlas
Collection and Reference NumberNation Records Collection (GB 2661 NR)
Catalogue NumberNR/OB/NA/2
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or associated person or organisation where applicable
Access to originalsThe originals are located at Nation Records Limited
Series notesNatacha Atlas was born in the Moroccan district of Bruxelles and moved to Northampton,England, as a teenager. Of Palestinian/ Egyptian background,she spent time singing and performing raqs sharqi in Arab and Turkish nightclubs and fronting a Belgian Salsa band. Her talent caught the eye of Jah Wobble and Baleric beat group !Loca! In 1991, 'Timbal' by !Loca! appeared on Nation Records' 'Fuse Two' compilation and became a huge club hit. The success of 'Timbal' sealed Natacha's relationship with Nation Records who introduced her to Transglobal Underground. As chief collaborator, belly dancer and lead singer with Transglobal and in her own right, Natacha Atlas has performed all over the world, playing at music festivals such as Reading, Phoenix and WOMAD. She has also worked with Peter Gabriel and Apache Indian and contributed to film soundtracks. Her July 1995 release on Nation Records was an album entitled 'Diaspora'. This combined the beats of Transglobal Underground with more traditional Arab musicians like Tunisia' s singer-songwriter Walid Roussi and Egypt's Oud master, Essam Rashad (Atlas' uncle). Natacha Atlas is currently signed to the Beggars Banquet record label in the USA.
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