DJ Cheb-i Sabbah, Fun-Da-Mental and Transglobal Underground at the World Music Festival – Programme

Series nameDJ Cheb-i Sabbah

This is a flyer for the World Music Festival which took place between September 21-30, 1999 in Chicago, Illinois. The festival was held at the Musum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and was presented in association with the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, the Mayor’s Office of Special Events, Old Town School of Folk Music, the Field Museum and HotHouse. Artistes from diverse musical traditions from Pakistan to Japan, particpated in the ten-day event . We have digitised the full programme for 24 September 1999, which showcased 3 major artistes and bands from the Nation Records label: Fun-Da-Mental, Transglobal Underground and DJ Cheb-i Sabbah.

Date of Creation / Publication1999
CreatorMuseum of Contemporary Art
Associated Person/ OrganisationNation Records; DJ Cheb-i Sabbah
Collection and Reference NumberNation Records Collection (GB 2661 NR)
Catalogue NumberNR/OB/CS/1
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Series notesBorn in Algeria, Serge El Beze - known as DJ Cheb-i Sabbah, is a master of DJ-ing. His groundbreaking work in compiling Arab, African and North Indian traditional music synthesised with modern electronics has spanned over three decades. In the 1960s,Cheb- i Sabbah was one of the first ever DJs to start 'spinning' - the art of mixing vinyl - in the discotheques of Paris. He has worked with world-renowned artists over the years: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Bally Sagoo, Abida Parveen, to name a few from the sub continent,as well as Jazz artists, sufi musicians and with many of his co-artistes on Nation Records. In 1999,'Shri Durga' was released on Nation Records, fusing devotional Indian raags with heavy hip-hop. A remix album was released in 2000, 'Maha Maya' on which Cheb-i Sabbah's co-Nation artistes, Fun-Da-Mental, State of Bengal, TJ Rehmi, Transglobal Underground and Bally Sagoo,contributed their talents.
Collection notesThe material from the Nation Records collection consists of various CD covers, press releases, promotional photography, lyrics and flyers from twelve of the bands signed to the record label since 1989.
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