Hustlers HC – Photograph

Series nameHustlers HC

This is a black and white promotional photograph of Hustlers HC, taken in 1990. From left to right are Paul (Hustler MC), Mitts (operating the turntables) and Skitts (Hustler MC).

Date of Creation / Publication1990
CreatorNation Records
Associated Person/ OrganisationHustlers HC
Collection and Reference NumberNation Records Collection (GB 2661 NR)
Catalogue NumberNR/OB/HC/1
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or associated person or organisation where applicable
Access to originalsThe originals are located at Nation Records Limited
Series notesFormed in 1991, Hustlers HC are a trio of Sikh DJs, rappers and singers based in West London; Hustler MC and Da Ski Man are rappers while Mitts functions the turntables. Through their hip-hop style music, the Hustlers aimed to portray a balance between being politically conscious without losing the fun aspects of life. As such, they desired the personalities of the band members to manifest this in their music. At the core of their philosophy is the call for unity among the Asian community. They began playing live at Asian club scenes in London and made their name playing live at international venues and by making several television appearances. Hustlers HC have performed alongside Transglobal Underground and Fun-Da-Mental in 1993 in Austria. Later that year, in October, Nation Records released Hustlers HC's debut and best-known single, 'Big Trouble In Little Asia'. 1994 saw the release of the anti-racist hip-hop single 'On A Ride' from Nation Records. Since 1996 the trio have ceased to function.

Collection notesThe material from the Nation Records collection consists of various CD covers, press releases, promotional photography, lyrics and flyers from twelve of the bands signed to the record label since 1989.