Qilaash – How The West Was One – CD sleeve – Album Art

Series nameNation Records - Compilations

The CD sleeve of ‘Qilaash – How The West Was One’ features the subtitle ‘A collection of 12 cuts from the Asian Overground’. This aims to ridicule the term “Asian Underground”. The album showcases twelve of Nation Record’s artistes.

Date of Creation / Publication2000
CreatorNation Records
Associated Person/ Organisation
Collection and Reference NumberNation Records Collection (GB 2661 NR)
Catalogue NumberNR/OB/COM/2
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or associated person or organisation where applicable
Access to originalsThe originals are located at Nation Records Limited
Series notesThe images contained in this grouping showcase a number of CD compilation album sleeves, from albums produced by and released on Nation Records. Since 1998, a total of nine compilation albums, featuring twenty-seven artistes, have been assembled by the record label. We have digitised the CD sleeves of seven of these albums.
Collection notesThe material from the Nation Records collection consists of various CD covers, press releases, promotional photography, lyrics and flyers from twelve of the bands signed to the record label since 1989.