Polygamy by Shiva Nova – CD Sleeve

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The five digital images in this item comprise the ‘Shiva Nova – Polygamy’ CD sleeve. Shiva Nova was founded by composer Priti Paintal in 1988, and aimed to bring together musicians from diverse musical traditions to create new musical interpretations. In this album, the group seek to portray improvised music on a live recording. This album from Shiva Nova features Orphy Robinson on the jazz marimba, and the regular members of the group Dharambir Singh on the sitar, Sarvar Sabri on tablas, Neil Heyde on the cello, Nancy Ruffer on the flute and Helen Crayford on the piano. ‘Polygamy’ was released in 1993 by Peregrine Promotions.

Date of Creation / Publication1993
CreatorShiva Nova
Associated Person/ OrganisationSabri, Sarvar
Collection and Reference NumberSarvar Sabri Collection (GB 2661 SS)
Catalogue NumberSS/REC/1
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or the associated person or organisation where applicable.
Access to originalsThe originals belong to Sarvar Sabri.
Series notesIn this grouping, a selection of Sarvar Sabri’s solo and collaborative CD album sleeves has been digitised. Pages feature background information on the artistes as well as the musical traditions and instruments performed on the CD.
Collection notesThe digital material in the Sarvar Sabri Collection features colour and black and white photographs, performances flyers, CD album sleeves, posters as well as newspaper and magazine articles. In addition, items relating to performances and recordings by the Sabri Ensemble are also included.