Ustad Sabri Khan and Sarvar Sabri – Poster

Series nameEarly Performances

This double-sided A4 colour poster features performance details of a recital by internationally renowned ‘sarangi’ player Ustad Sabri Khan, accompanied by his son, Sarvar Sabri on tabla. This performance was part of Sabri Khan’s 1989 world tour and was presented by the Society of South Asian Arts at the Midlands Art Centre (which later became ‘mac’) in Birmingham on 1 July 1989. The front of the poster features an image of Ustad Sabri Khan and the reverse provides background information on the musician.

Date of Creation / Publication1989
CreatorSociety of Asian Arts
Associated Person/ OrganisationSabri, Sarvar
Collection and Reference NumberSarvar Sabri Collection (GB 2661 SS)
Catalogue NumberSS/EP/2
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or the associated person or organisation where applicable.
Access to originalsThe originals belong to Sarvar Sabri.
Series notesThe digital items in this grouping consist of four posters advertising solo performances by Sarvar Sabri. Hailing from a musically renowned family, Sabri began playing the tabla as a young boy before coming to the UK and accompanying UK-based top classical Indian dancers touring around the UK and Europe. He went on to become a world-renowned percussionist in his own right, and is in great demand as a soloist, fusionist and accompanist.
Collection notesThe digital material in the Sarvar Sabri Collection features colour and black and white photographs, performances flyers, CD album sleeves, posters as well as newspaper and magazine articles. In addition, items relating to performances and recordings by the Sabri Ensemble are also included.