Meri Kahani ( My Story)

Series nameWorkshops

This is the programme for ‘Meri Kahani’ (My Story), one of Kali Theatre Company’s outreach events. Kali Theatre collaborated on this unique project with the Southall Black Sisters (SBS), a London based women’s organisation which helps victims of domestic violence. ‘Meri Kahani’ was the result of a series of creative writing workshops for SBS members in which participants were paired with experienced writers who served as their mentors. The stories that emerged from the workshops, both in English and South Asian languages, were dramatised and performed by actors, and in some cases the writers themselves, on 25 September, 2002. The stories featured are: ‘Veil’ by Yasmin Khan, ‘A True Story’ by Fiaz Ghaus, ‘Shazia’s Story’ by Samia Khan, ‘Goodnight Butterfly’ by Manjinder Virk, ‘A Journey to the Unknown’ by Fayeeza Hanoush, ‘A Letter to my Mother’ by Norma Lloyd, ‘Meri Kahani’ by Joginder Kaur, ‘Relatively Sane’ by Parm Kaur, ‘Woh Kaisa Chor Tha’ by Bobbie Wasson, ‘Tea & Jalebies’ by Bettina Gracias, ‘Lingerie’ by Freda Obado, ‘A Quick Chat’ by Kam Dhenjan and ‘The Dirty Mattress’ by Rahila Gupta. The event took place at the Waterman Arts Centre in Middlesex.

Date of Creation / Publication2000
CreatorKali Theatre Company
Associated Person/ OrganisationWolf, Rita; Ghaus, Fiaz
Collection and Reference NumberKali Theatre Company (GB 2661 KT)
Catalogue NumberKT/WO/5
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Series notesIn addition to commissioning new writing by Asian women, Kali Theatre Company also runs regular workshops for women who come from diverse writing backgrounds. Many of the works that emerge from the workshops are showcased in rehearsed readings.

Kali also holds regular competitions and has close links with other theatres and organisations such as Watermans Arts Centre. In October 2002, Kali Futures showcased a programme of rehearsed readings of four new plays by Asian women, all of whom have been supported through awards and dramaturgical input. In 2003, they will be offering training for writers interested in learning workshop skills, called Training the Trainers.

Kali Theatre is actively involved in outreach programmes such as Meri Kahani, Meri Duniya (My Story, My World), an event which featured script-held readings of plays by women from the Southall Black Sisters (SBS), a support group for survivors of domestic violence. Meri Kahani, Meri Duniya emerged from a series of drama and creativity workshops called Meri Kahani (My Story) which was organised by Kali Theatre and the SBS in summer 2002. In these workshops, participants wrote short plays with guidance and support from trained professionals.

Kali Theatre continues to offer new workshops, lectures, and competitions on a regular basis.
Collection notesThe Kali Theatre Company collection consists of digitised material which fall into two categories: items which relate to Kali Theatre’s productions, such as programmes, flyers and photographs and material which provides information about workshops and outreach programmes.