Proposal – A Story Not For Txting – Script

Series nameProject Development

This is an extract from the script ‘Proposal’, which was developed as part of a Mán Melá ‘ project with young people from Eastside Arts. The project, ‘Stories Not 4 Txting’ was led by Dominic Rai in 2002, and provided a forum for young people to write and perform stories based on their own life in London’s East End. The work was produced in the form of text messaging.

This script portrays a text message conversation between two friends, a boy and a girl, in which the boy attempts to tell his friend that he is in love with her.

Date of Creation / Publication2002
CreatorMán Melá Theatre Company
Associated Person/ OrganisationRai, Dominic
Collection and Reference NumberMán Melá Theatre Company Collection (GB 2661 MM)
Catalogue NumberMM/PD/11
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or the associated person or organisation where applicable.
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