Pump up the Bhangra – Flyer

Series namePromotional Material

Pump up the Bhangra’ was presented by Mán Melá during 1998 – 1999. This was a stand up comedy night at The Albany in Deptford, followed by a bhangra club night. ‘Pump up the Bhangra’ was held several times during 1998 and 1999. This purple flyer was produced for the 20 March, 30 April and 26 June 1999 performances. The comedians featured on the flyer are Ashok Patel, Jeff Mirza, Jay Sodagar, Bebz, Jemima Patel, Paul Sina, Mu-Lan Theatre Company and DJ Ritu.

Date of Creation / Publication1998 - 1999
CreatorMán Melá Theatre Company
Associated Person/ OrganisationRai, Dominic
Collection and Reference NumberMán Melá Theatre Company Collection (GB 2661 MM)
Catalogue NumberMM/AD/5
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