We Sinful Women – Photograph

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This colour image depicts rehearsals taking place in preparation of Mán Melá ‘s 1995 adaptation of Rukhsana Ahmad’s ‘We Sinful Women’ (Women’s Press, 1991). The play included renditions of poetry written by renowned Pakistani women writers, and was performed with music and song in English and Urdu. The image features Mán Melá ‘s artistic director, Dominic Rai seated with cast members, Kanan Bala Kapoor, Afshan Malik and Kulwinder Kaur. Mán Melá toured ‘We Sinful Women’ around London and then nationally in 1995, after its first performance in 1994, at International Women’s Week in Lewisham.

Date of Creation / Publication1995
CreatorWhitfield, John
Associated Person/ OrganisationRai, Dominic; Mán Melá Theatre Company
Collection and Reference NumberMán Melá Theatre Company Collection (GB 2661 MM)
Catalogue NumberMM/PRO/WS/4
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Series notesIn 1995, Dominic Rai adapted We Sinful Women, translated and edited by Rukhsana Ahmad (Women’s Press, 1991) for the stage. Mán Melá presented a show based on a celebration of contemporary Urdu poetry by renowned Pakistani women poets and was combined with music, performance and song. The poetry featured included the work of Kishwar Naheed, Fahmida Riaz, the late Sara Shagufta, Ishrat Aafreen Saeeda Gazdar and Neelma Sarwar. The poetry highlights the struggles and hopes of a generation of women caught in the social, political and cultural conflict of their time.
Collection notesThe Mán Melá Theatre Company Collection consists of digitised material pertaining to Mán Melá’s productions and its audience and project development work since 1993. The items include production and workshop photographs, flyers and information-based programmes.