Shaheen Khan – Photograph

Series nameProduction: A Tainted Dawn

This black and white photograph depicts Shaheen Khan in the play ‘A Tainted Dawn’. In this 1997 production by Tamasha Theatre, Khan played the characters of Pali’s Mother and Laurie in two different sketches. ‘A Tainted Dawn’ was a series of sketches depicting eye-witness accounts of the forced divisions of communities and families during the1947 partition of India and subsequent creation of Pakistan.

Date of Creation / Publication1997
CreatorPotter, Jenny
Associated Person/ OrganisationBuchar, Sudha; Khan, Shaheen
Collection and Reference NumberTamasha Theatre Company (GB 2661 TT)
Catalogue NumberTT/PRO/AT/5
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or associated person or organisation where applicable
Access to originalsThe originals are located at Tamasha Theatre Company
Series notesA Tainted Dawn' presented by Tamasha Theatre Company, was written and adapted by Sudha Buchar and Kristine Landon-Smith in 1997 on the occasion of India's fiftieth anniversary of independence and half-century since the creation of Pakistan. The production featured a series of moving stories about the ordinary people who found themselves trapped on the wrong side of hastily drawn borders at the time of the Partition of India and the subsequent creation of Pakistan in 1947. On the occasion of India's fiftieth anniversary of independence and half-century since the creation of Pakistan, 'A Tainted Dawn' sought to remind audiences of the individual stories of 1947. Conveying the terrible scale of human displacement during this time, the play recreated the effects in sundered families, individuals migrating to Hindu-Sikh India or Muslim Pakistan, sometimes as an act of affirmation but more often out of compulsion or despair.

The play was based on Tamasha's improvisations of the following short stories: 'Postbox' by S H Ajneya, 'A Leaf in the Storm' by Lalithambika Antharjanam, 'Exile' by Jamila Hashmi, 'An Indian Lauren Bacall' by Leila Keys, 'Wages of Labour' by Saadat Hasan Manto, 'The Vultures of the Parsi Cemetery' by Ali Imam Naqvi, 'Lord of the Rubble' by Mohan Rakesh, 'Pali' and 'We Have Arrived in Amritsar', both by Bhisham Sahni.

The eight members of cast were Paul Bazely, Nizwar Karanj, Shaheen Khan, Parminder K Nagra, Simon Nagra, Rehan Sheikh, Badi Uzzaman and Harvey Virdi. A Tainted Dawn opened at the Gateway Theatre at the Edinburgh International Festival on 11 August 1997 and continued until 1 November 1997, during which it toured to The Tricycle Theatre, London, The Studio Theatre, Leicester, The Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Birmingham, and The Courtyard Theatre in Leeds.
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