Durga Rising – CD Sleeve

Series namePerformances

This is a full colour, two page CD album sleeve produced by the group ‘Durga Rising’ in 1997. The group is a collaboration of Kuljit Bhamra, singer Barb Jungr, and pianist Russell Churney. The diverse musical influences of their respective backgrounds – European, Asian, jazz, blues, bhangra and r&b – create the unique peformances of the band.

Date of Creation / Publication1997
CreatorBhamra, Kuljit
Associated Person/ Organisation
Collection and Reference Number Kuljit Bhamra Collection (GB 2661 KB)
Catalogue NumberKB/PER/3
CopyrightThe Creator and/ or associated person or organisation where applicable
Access to originalsThe originals are located with Kuljit Bhamra.
Series notesKuljit Bhamra is a renowned solo percussionist in his own right, and a member of his own band, 'Taala'. In both capacities, he has performed at diverse events at national and international level, touring as an individual artist as well as accompanying other artists. The digitised material in this grouping consists of flyers, programmes and images reflecting the diversity of music Kuljit Bhamra and his band perform.
Collection notesThe digitised material in the Kuljit Bhamra Collection includes material related to Kuljit Bhamra as a solo artist as well as to his record company, Keda Records. The items include posters, flyers, documents, cassette and CD sleeves, photographs, performance programmes and musical scores.